Owner Victoria Walker

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Victoria Walker, owner of Cuticle’s Nail Studio in Fondren, is passionate about healthy nails. “Your hands are one of the first things that people see and touch. It’s important that women and men take care of their hands, feet and nails,” Walker said.

Walker, a licensed esthetician, has been a nail technician for nearly 15 years. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening her own nail salon in June. “If my clients have acrylic nails, I limit the use of a drill. Drills are designed for very special circumstances. Nails can’t take that from week to week. I apply and remove shellac (a two-week manicure process) gently to keep the nails strong and healthy. I use the the best products for manicures and pedicures.” She’s particularly proud of her pedicures: “I think I’m one of the best in town. My pedicures last, and I take time to explain how clients should take care of their feet between visits.”

Walker nurtures nails that have been damaged. “No nail problem it too big or small,” she said with her trademark smile, “I love a tough case.”

Cuticle’s Nail Studio is located at 2947-5 Old Canton Road in Fondren Village between Quiznos and The Pet Shop. Walker offers manicures and pedicures, including gel acrylic nails and shellac. She likes walk-ins but encourages appointments. “I want my clients to know that that their time is their time, and they don’t have to wait,” Walker said.

Call 601-366-6999  or click here today for an appointment—your nails deserve it!